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These intensive 90-minute workshops are designed to prepare you for a trip or an event in which you need to learn Spanish, FAST!  Each of these workshops include a pre recorded video of me, your instructor, coupled with a visual such as Powerpoint and Whiteboard.  These workshops have everything you need to get you ready for your trip!


With my Greetings workshop you'll be able to  handle the basic aspect of introduction and pleasentries that are in Spanish culture. 


This workshop will get your basic conversational skills going! You'll be able to to describe yourself, your environment and others around you. 


My travel workshop ensure that you have everything you need when traveling in a foreign country such as directional verbage and how to ask for what you want. 

Pick a Subject

You may have an idea of what you want to work on already, so why deny you? Let me know which topic on which you'd like to focus.

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