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Private Sessions

Private lessons are perfect for maintaining what you already know, getting extra practice for college courses or a great way to start off your language journey with personal one-on-one sessions.


With private lessons you can sign up for individual lessons, or bundle and grab a package. Either way, you'll leave knowing much more than you started with!

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Private Session Package

This package is perfect for you if you want to learn and acquire Spanish speaking skills. We often forget how long it can take to learn a new language but with two 30 minute session each week, you can ensure you're getting the weekly maintenance you need from this monthly package. 

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Single Private Sessions

Single sessions are great for language maintenance or a little extra help with a course you're already taking. Most students who select this service, generally are in need of test or travel preparation. However, if you plan on coming back for more, then the package would be more your speed. 

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