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Hi I'm Jessica, Welcome to My Travel Blog!

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

As the founder and Director of Spanish U, I know my language school wouldn't be complete without the documentation of all of my travels and I want to be able to provide the #travelnoire with everything they'll need when they decide to take an adventure. This blog is dedicated to providing firsthand knowledge of all the places I've been and plan to go. This thing called life is a learning experience for sure, so why not use every resource possible! I really hope you guys enjoy all that I have to offer, and don't be shy, leave a comment, ask a question, take a screen shot or whatever you need!

Hmm, let's see, I've always had the idea that I wanted to be an educator and travel the world helping people in any way that I could (idealistic, I know lol). When I was in college I figured I'd need a language to help me along the way, and then came my studies of Spanish. One thing I immediately learned was that language is a process, it's not something that you learn instantly so the concept of instant gratification isn't really applicable towards language acquisition, BUT the enjoyment of the process of gaining knowledge and usage step by step has been unmatched for me. The little light bulb that goes off when a concept, phrase or structure is realized is enough to keep me coming back for more!

Once I graduated from undergrad I began teaching high school and realized I actually had no money to travel and a bunch of student loans, so why not double up and go to grad school right??? LOL. School was awesome and it gave me the foundation I needed to learn any language using techniques I teach at Spanish U, but it takes entirely too much money and time. So after leaving school I decided to make traveling a PRIORITY, the world needs to see me and I need to see it! I wanted to surround myself with with other black travelers and global citizens so that I could create a community around me that would foster my creativity, passion for traveling and language acquisition. I found it, and now I'm creating my very own, for YOU, with Spanish U.

Fast forward to several passport stamps later and my journey has brought me back to my basics: Education, and how I can share my knowledge and language skills with the world and those closest to me. I'm so excited because with this travel blog I'll be providing first hand experience and advice that every black millennial traveler needs or maybe you just don't know it yet ;)

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