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  • Can I really learn Spanish from a package?
    Absolutely! These packages are specifically designed to nurture not only reading, wiritng, speaking and listning, but to also help students ACQUIRE the Spanish language. Most don't realize the importanct of language acquisition, this allows the student to stop translating into Spanish and start thinking in Spanish.
  • Will I be able to use this for my job?
    Yes! Everything taught is a combination of colloquial, formal and local verbiage that can be understood by most, if not all Spanish speaking countries. You can use your new Spanish skills with anyone who will listen.
  • Do I really need to a full course/workshop? Can I just download an app?
    You can just download an app. However, the difference between having a qualified instructor and an app is the benefit of conversation and personalization. I am specialized in conversation and immersion. Apps can provide you with definitions and sentence structure but that's about it, and that is NOT how you learn a language.
  • What if I don't like the course or classes?
    Send an email to
  • What if I have to cancel a session?
    Each private session is alotted two opportunities to make up a without forfeiting. Group sessions cannot be made up but every Saturday there is a 15 minute recap of each session for those who missed.
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